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My God I hate people.

I understand I dont post a lot here so this story is going to need some back ground to it. 

I work at a Petsmart in Va as a bather and a groomer ( when the managers arent looking) and have spent all of my life living with and taking care of sick animales. My mother is a breeder of Exotic short hair persians and also did rescue work for the CFA ( Cat Fanciers Organization) . Growing up I helped her alot with the cats that would come into our home and became knowlegable about identifying diffrent diseases and problems. 

This also made me very aware and sensative to the plight of homeless animals especially sick ones. 

Well today as I was working a man came in with a cat in a carrier and asked it we could groom it or take a look at it. Sense we have a lot of dogs on week ends we only groom cats during the week and we told this gentlemen so. He opened the top of the cage and took the cat out asking us, "Well then what am I suposed to do with it?!" 

The cat was thin as a rail, and obviously sick, I stepped closer to take a look at it and when I examined it , it had fleas, was dehidrated, was anemic ( most likely becasue of the fleas. You can tell because there is no color present on the nose, or on the gums or tounge meanig there isnt enough red blood to color these parts of the body), and had an upper rhespatory infection. The cat could not breath with out muchaus coming from it's nose or mouth and ithe lower half of the cats body was covered in urine. 

I was inffuriated but because I was at work I had to keep my self professional. I told him he needed to take the cat to a vetrenarian emediatly. He said he had takken the cat there first , to the Banfield at our store and they wanted $700 for a visit and a check up ( which dosnet surprise me. Banfeild is one of the worst and most expensive vet hospitals ever) and that he wasnt going to shell out that much cash for a cat that wasnt his. When I asked him to explain he first said that he had "Rescued" the cat from a pet shop in wood bridge because he had "wanted to hel pit soo bad". One of the groomers sugest he take it back and report them to the SPCA. He stalled for aminuet before we dragged it out of him that he had really found the cat at his end of the couldasac he lived on and had wanted to help it. 

"But I dont want to shell out $700 dollars for a cat that inst even mine." I looked him straight in the eye and told him "Then you should have left it where it was." I then recomemnded a much better ( and cheaper) vetrenary hospital in the area. Gave him the adress phone number and hrs of opperation.I also told him in no uncertain terms that the cat was anemic and thati t had to be seen imediatly or that there was a good chance the cat would die. Especialy sense it was so dehidrated and malnurished. Before he left he muttered some thing about the humane sociaty and grumbled his way out the door.   

Now what really pissed me off about the whole situation was not only the fact that the guy had copped an attitude from the damn get go, but the fact that he was so damn irresponcible with the life of another creature. And would have been quite willing to let it suffer because he didnt want to spend the money. Let me tell you some thing. If you take an animal, rescue it from abuse or miss treatment, or take it in off the streets. That , is not the end of it. That dose not win you your humanitarian medal of the year and thats not all there is to it. There is tons of work to be put into a rescued animal Taking it inside is just the begingin and if your not up to the responsabilities of owning a pet, because thats what it is, once you take it off the streets it is YOURE pet,  then you might as well leave it there.  

Because if it's as sick as that cat was then all youve done is change the area where it's gonna die. Instead of dying in that vacant lot t, laying in the tall grass , listening to the lingering sounds of crickets,  taking one last breath of cool autum air and getting one last peak at the night sky before it goes your macking it die in a cold plastic carrier in your garage or in your living room. Forcing it into a world it's not used to and probobaly dosnet want to spend it's last few days or hours of life in.   

It makes me sick just thinking about it. Another thing that makes me so mad is that I couldn't have takken care of it my self. My room mate is deathly allergic to cats so I wasn't able to bring any of my babies with me when I moved away to go to school. And it's times like that when I really wish I could be a bigger help. Especially with cases like that. 

Well , thats all I supose now that I'm thouroghly depressed for the evening. The rest of y'all have a good night and just, be dencent to your animals ok.



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